TrACE Catalog, created in partnership with NOAA and NSF, supports NASA’s initiative to advance the understanding of Earth and develop technologies to improve the quality of life on our home planet by providing earth systems, technology and energy educational resources for MUREP (Minority University Research and Education Program).

About TrACE funders

The Tri-Agency Climate Education (TrACE) Catalog provides search and browse access to a catalog of educational products and resources. TrACE focuses on climate education resources that have been developed by initiatives funded through NASA, NOAA, and NSF, comprising a tri-agency collaborative around climate education. Represented projects have been funded through these agencies, including NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) now ESTEEM (Earth Systems, Technology and Energy Education for Minority University Research & Education Project-MUREP), NOAA's Environmental Literacy Grants, and NSF's Climate Change Education Partnerships (CCEP Phase I and II).

Primarily, TrACE will help climate change education project principal investigators and staff to share their work with this community, and to connect with other projects and people who are working on similar efforts. The ultimate goal of TrACE Catalog and the Tri-agency collaborative is to strengthen the climate education community's ability to leverage prior funding and results. The catalog may eventually be used directly by the target audiences of climate education initiatives, including K-12 school audiences. Wherever possible, direct links to finalized educational products and resources have been included.

Disclaimer: While some of the products listed in TrACE have been through an agency or other review process, this is not generally the case. TrACE provides information on educational products that have been supplied by the funded projects. The agencies are not responsible for the content of external websites or of resources listed in TrACE, and their inclusion in the catalog does not imply endorsement.

Please contact Bonnie Murray (,at Langley Research Center, with any questions.


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